Sydney Shaver, Staff Writer

What do you do when you wake up and it’s the exact same day over and over again? You get to live your day however you want. That’s exactly what the main character, Samantha or Sam, does in “Before I Fall.” During this whole movie, she felt as if she just had to live for one more minute, but also fix what she has done wrong at the exact same time. Sam and her friends went to a party on February 12 and bullied a girl named Juliet to the point of suicide, but she doesn’t know about the suicide. Because of Juliet’s suicide, the four other girls get into a car accident, also killing them. The day resets until she finds out what she’s doing wrong and how to fix it.

This movie tackles a lot of issues that teenagers, specifically teenage girls, have to face these days, like underage drinking, dating, and bullying. It was something that teenagers could easily relate to. However, it had a few slow parts that could lull someone to sleep. The acting was either really great or appeared forced. The actress who played Juliet was absolutely stunning in her role. She had an amazing emotional range. It was very interesting to watch. I couldn’t help but to wonder what was going to happen next. However, instead of the movie wrapping up nicely, it came to a screeching halt, leaving some things unfinished. I want to know if the other three girls have the same change of heart that Sam did. No matter the ending, I loved the movie; it’s something I could watch time and time again. It just isn’t for all people. I know that some people would find it boring, but it had a compelling plot that made you question your own actions and life. It makes you realize that high school is a very small part of life. It’s only here for a little while and then it’s gone. Things aren’t as important as they once were, like who was dating who and wearing the same dress at prom.