Emily Blevins, News Editor

This past week among Heritage High School news, senior Jake Frogge was recognized as this year’s STAR student for Catoosa County. Essentially any high school senior in the county was eligible for the award; however, the requirements are what really prove the outstanding talent withheld by Jake. To get a nomination for the award, seniors must have the highest score on a single test date (rather than a comprised score) on the three-part SAT, and be in the top ten percent or a top ten student in their class in regards to their grade point average.

Through Jake’s typical hard-working attitude, he was able to take the test and make a score that was obviously worthy of recognition. “It felt nice to get recognized for something that I worked hard for,” Jake suggested when reflecting on the award. After receiving this honor, he was able to choose a STAR teacher as well to accompany him in the recognition. Jake decided to choose science teacher Mrs. Hayen, and when asked why, he stated how “she is everything that a teacher needs to be for their students, inside and out of the classroom.”

Not only did he receive the Catoosa County STAR Student title and a framed certificate to prove it, but he was also given a $500 scholarship from the Ringgold Rotary Club, who presented him with the initial award. Everything makes a difference in Jake’s eyes when preparing for college in the upcoming school year. He plans to attend Mercer University this fall for a pre-med education, and then potentially major in a science such as Biology. As a friend of Jake’s, it is very clear that he was a perfect candidate for this award and I am very proud of where his hard work has taken him over the past few years.