Trevin Kalick, Sports Editor

NFL free agency is officially underway and the moves are going fast and furious. Free agency period has always been a hectic part of the NFL offseason, and also the most anticipated part of it. This time is the chance for teams to sign high power players or just boost up a position of need. Every football fan will be glued to their phones for the next week as they look to see what players their favorite teams pick up. This time puts teams at the advantage to really boost their team and give them a real shot at winning a Super Bowl. Free agency has just started and moves are already flooding in on Twitter.

Brandon Marshall, Stephon Gilmore, DeSean Jackson, and many other players are the highlights of this year’s free agency period. Brandon Marshall, a six time Pro-Bowl WR, was recently released by the New York Jets and made him an unrestricted free agent, which basically means he can sign with any team he wants and the Jets can’t do anything to keep him. Marshall took full advantage of being a free agent and has already signed a two year, $12 million deal with the New York Giants. Marshall will now be paired up with Odell Beckham Jr, giving the Giants one of the best air raids in the league. DeSean Jackson is another highly touted WR on the free agent market, as he has proven to be very lethal in the deep and slot passing game. He is an electric receiver who is getting up there in age but can still be very productive in the passing game with the right QB. Well, he got that right QB as he signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and is teaming up with Jameis Winston, Mike Evans and co. The Buffalo Bills’ star CB, Stephon Gilmore, hit the market this year and is looking for big money. He got that big money as he has signed with the defending champs, the New England Patriots. The Patriots rarely spend big money, but they are giving Gilmore $14 million a year. This move is very unlike Bill Belichick but the move to pair up Gilmore and Malcolm Butler is huge for the Patriots. Now the Pats are moving towards securing the top LB on the market, Dont’a Hightower.

Free agency is always a fun time to sit back, scroll through Twitter, and just watch all the moves teams make. With all of the big names on the market this year, I expect this free agency period to get very interesting.