Sydney Shaver, Staff Writer

Recently, Frank Ocean released a song called “Chanel,” and I had the opportunity to listen to it. This was the first single that Ocean has released since his album “Blonde” in 2016.  Rap isn’t usually my style of music, but I really liked this single. At first, I couldn’t understand what he was saying, but by the time I listened to the song the third time, I was singing along. His voice has this low pitch that makes it hard to understand, but once you get into the beat, it’s hard not to dance along. The beat to this song was so infectious. After listening to the song, many people, including Teen Vogue, believe that the song is talking about bisexuality. This topic isn’t one that a lot of people talk about because it’s a controversial topic. I love the lyrics of this song as well as the message. Some of the lyrics include some like “I see both sides like Chanel” which is a pun on the Chanel logo.

I love this song and I love listening to it. It is such a different pace from what I usually listen. The beat is incredible and the lyrics are some of my favorite. I understand why Frank Ocean is such a popular artist as well. His music has a strong message and he’s a lyrical genius, which can also be seen in his other songs like “Forrest Gump” and “Blonde.” I highly recommend this song for anyone; even if it’s not the genre you usually listen to.