Emily Blevins, News Editor

I’m sure that some have begun to notice the “Pennies for Prom” flyers that are hanging all around the walls here at Heritage. I recently got a chance to learn more about the program and I couldn’t be happier to aid other people in becoming more aware as well. Pennies for Prom is essentially a non-profit organization that is aimed towards helping students, both young ladies and young men, in getting a prom experience just like everyone else would, even if they can’t quite afford everything that prom involves.

Because I have attended prom once before, I am very aware of how expensive it can be. The dress, hair, makeup, tux, tickets, dinner, and more can certainly add up very fast. For students who don’t necessarily find it easy to pay for these things, the Pennies for Prom program is extremely helpful for any and everyone that it applies to. The process is simple, and what the program provides is simply amazing to me. By seeing either Mrs. Bass or one of our school counselors, you can quickly get on the track to choosing and deciding on things to make your prom a day that you will never forget. If you are a girl, you can work with one of these people to set up an appointment to go by the location designated for the gowns and try them on until you find one that you like, just like you would at any other dress shop. For boys, the steps are rather similar, but instead of going by the dress location, you will go by Southern Charm and they will help find a tux that fits you the best.

Depending on your qualifications, it is very possible that the students who need it can receive either a dress or a tux completely free of charge. If the student has some money to spend, but not enough to cover the entire expense, any amount is accepted as the program recognizes that everyone comes from different circumstances. Not only does Pennies for Prom help students get something nice to wear for the evening, but it also helps young ladies with any hair and/or makeup accommodations that they might need as well.

I know that many people in our area, especially students within our school, have dresses that were worn in past years and will most likely not be worn or used again, so if you are like me and would like to support this outstanding program, you can donate your older dress(es) by contacting Mrs. Bass the school counselors. If you do not have a dress to donate, Pennies for Prom also takes monetary donations that go towards paying for the girls to get their hair and makeup done and more. To me, this organization is a perfect example to our community of giving back without expecting anything in return. If you or someone you know could benefit from this organization, please let someone know because those involved with helping it would be more than happy to help prom be a special day for everyone.