Hannah Roberts, Staff Writer

At the beginning of this school year, the idea of becoming connected with a place in Central-America was first presented. Since some administrators went on mission trips this past summer, they were given the idea to connect with the people there and use some of our resources. The program is called Impact2One, and one of the things that they are doing is taking a trip to Nicaragua to help in building the high school that is to be named after the late Katie Beth Carter who recently passed away from a car accident. This trip is going to be from April 3 to April 10, which is when our spring break is. The total cost to go is 1201 dollars, which was due on the first of March to Coach Slaughter, one of the people helping to make this trip possible. For a trip to an entirely different country for about a week, the price is not too bad either; there have been some fundraisers to help with the cost as well, including a school event that the money to attend went towards lowering the cost. While there in Nicaragua, the students who go will be talking to people in the community, working some on the school that they plan to create, and getting a better understanding of both the different culture and the poverty there. Even if you are unable to go on this particular trip, they are planning on doing many more things and will potentially have more trips later on.