Seth Carter, Staff Writer

The NCAA basketball tournament is here, and that means everyone and his mother is filling out a bracket. All are wide-eyed and excited these first few days of bracket madness before the tournament begins. During this time everyone is an expert and is sure that his or her picks are correct. Unfortunately we all know that it is inevitable that a fourteen seed will lose to a two seed, busting everyone’s bracket. Here at the “General Journal,” we are determined to help you out at least a little by giving you our predictions of the bracket busters in the first round you’ll need to be on the lookout for. My big bracket buster that you need to watch is FGCU v. Florida State. Florida Gulf Coast has been known to be a bracket buster, having a Cinderella run in the 2013 NCAA tournament and making it all the way to the sweet sixteen. I think the experience their coach gained should help them knock off Florida State. It will be a tough task, but FSU has been inconsistent this season, dropping quite a few games that they should have won. Sports Editor Trevin Kalick thinks that the University of North Carolina at Wilmington has a chance to knock off Virginia in the first round. UNCW is a popular pick to upset Virginia by many ESPN analysts, too. Next, Trevin thinks that Nevada could upset Iowa State. He also believes that Jacksonville State as a fifteen seed has a chance to knock off the two seed Louisville. I do not see this as at all possible, but when it happens, remember you heard it here first.