B. Hall & I. Shank

Sydney Shaver, Staff Writer

They’re oversized, warm, and overall the comfiest piece of clothing that I’ll ever own; I’m talking about a pullover, or a hoodie as some call it. These hooded sweatshirts are so much more than the highly made fun of Jacob Sartorius song. They are soft and keep me warmer than a regular jacket that zips up. I love the way you can put it on over a t-shirt and a pair of jeans and just be comfortable for a day.  I love that you can be instantly warmed up after you pull it on. If you’ve ever borrowed someone else’s sweatshirt, you get to be closer to that person in a way and get to smell their aroma.

I love curling up in my hoodie, listening to music, reading, and basically being all emo. It’s one of my favorite ways to unwind and just be warm. I’ve been known to walk around my house in a pullover and a pair of yoga pants because I just like to spend my days being comfortable. I also enjoy pulling on the strings of the hoodie so it’s completely dark and quieter. It just helps me relax and clear my mind. I see people in sweatshirts and thinking that I want to be in my sweatshirt. I just love the way they feel and the way they look. They can look so different from one another. They can be tie-dye or a solid color or they can hold a logo for a brand. I just enjoy the whole experience of wearing a hoodie.