Katie Lee, Staff Writer

The weather in Georgia has always been really weird, and this past week was a perfect example. On Thursday, March 9, it was sunny and in the 70s, and I was wearing shorts and enjoying life; then the next day everything went downhill. From Thursday night to Friday morning it was pouring rain and even hailing, but it was still a little warm, so Mother Nature was teasing us with a nice temperature, knowing that we still can’t enjoy it because of the rain. On Saturday she smacked us in the face with a “blizzard” and almost freezing temperatures. It snowed and sleeted most of the night and of course freaked everyone out and made them run to get all the bread and milk the grocery stores had, because Georgia doesn’t do snow; that is not our thing. The worst thing about that was that the snow didn’t even stick to the ground. This weather is really steaming my clams. I would really like to see some consistency. Just when I thought it was time for spring, winter finally decided to show up; I got my hopes up for nothing. It is almost time for Spring Break, we need it to be sunny and 75, not a bipolar mess. Also, this weather is really stressing my allergies out; they are sensitive and cannot handle all these hostile changes. Winter had its chance and it did not take it, so it needs to just move on. Usually I wouldn’t be this upset about the weather because that’s just how Georgia is, but I just can’t handle it anymore.