Katie Lee, Staff Writer

On Wednesday, March 15, the Heritage High School choir traveled to Pepperell High School for the Georgia Music Educator’s Association’s Large Group Performance Evaluations. This was the first time Heritage attended this event and they exceeded expectations. Both the concert choir and the chamber choir received superior ratings for their performance and got excellent ratings for their sight singing.

I am in chorus so I actually got to attend this trip and I think that it was an awesome experience. First we traveled to Mount Berry Square Mall in Rome, Georgia, to eat lunch and shop for a little bit and then we went to Pepperell high school for our performance. When we arrived we changed into our choir outfits and then the concert choir went into a practice room and we practiced our music for what felt like the millionth time. Then we went on stage in front of three judges and performed our two pieces, which were “Praise to The Lord, The Almighty” and “Soon Ah Will be Done.” After that we went into a small room and did the sightsinging portion of the evaluation.Then we were allowed to go back into the auditorium and listen to some of the other choirs at the event. Then the chamber choir, a select group of elite singers from the concert choir, did the same thing. They sang “Silver Swan” and “I’m Gonna Sing till the Spirit Moves in My heart.”
We had been working really hard on these pieces this semester and Mrs.Hamilton is an outstanding choral director, so we weren’t really nervous. After each group performed the judges rated them in various categories like pitch, rhythm, tone, and things like that and gave them a score ranging from one to five, one being superior and five being poor. To no surprise the concert choir revived ones in every category from all three judges and were overall superior. The chamber choir received two ones and and a two from the judges and were overall superior. Both groups received a two, excellent, for their sightsinging which was rated separately from their performance.

Mrs.Hamilton plans on making LGPE’s an every year thing for the choir and hopes to continue receiving superior ratings in the years to come.