Seth Carter, Staff Writer

As I watched Premier League soccer this weekend, I realized that the sports section has neglected this sport, and I feel that is unfair. So, I decided to write on the title race this year and who I think will win the Premier League this year. Last year’s title race was awesome as the underdog story came true when Leicester City shocked the world and won the title. This year is back to the usual suspects at the top. In first is Chelsea, in second Tottenham, third Manchester City, and fourth Liverpool. Most people believe it is now Chelsea’s title to lose as they have been top of the table for going on months now. If they do slip up I believe it is between three teams who can swoop in and steal the title, those teams being Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester City, and Liverpool. Each team has unique strengths that could propel them to victory. First with Tottenham they have such a young squad filled with potential that makes their play so exciting is the reason they are in second place, but with the loss of world class striker Harry Kane it will be difficult to pass up Chelsea. Next Manchester City also is a class team that at times looks like the best in England the problem is they are extremely inconsistent and it is on first year manager Pep Guardiola to make them perform better at critical times.  Lastly Liverpool has a lot of similarities to Manchester City in that they are inconsistent for instance one week Liverpool dominated Tottenham 2-0 then weeks later lost to Leicester City 3-2. Because of these two teams being so inconsistent I believe Tottenham has the best chance to win the Premier League if Chelsea starts choking.