Shalee Thompson, Staff Writer

A lot of the times in this generation of teenagers we like to do things that are rather “cool” or “trendy.” We like to follow the latest fads so we can fit in, or to maybe start a trend that everyone might possibly like. One major trend that I’ve noticed, and tagged along to myself is the “putting stickers on my water bottle” trend.

Thinking about this odd-but-yet amazing idea, I’ve always wondered who started the sticker trend, and what made them think that it would be a good idea to stick them all over his/her water bottle. If you’re wondering where the trend came from, it came from Redbubble.com, a nine-year-old Australian company … just for your information. My first two years of high school, I started seeing people around me stick name brand stickers on their water bottles, and I thought to myself “Wow, that’s a good idea and it’s super cute; however, I’m not sure where to get the stickers from.”

Meanwhile, I started to ask people where they got the name brand stickers, and most of them said from stores like Rak Outfitters, Southern Charm, and Above The Ridge. Places like that sell them for around two dollars. As I started building my collection of stickers, I found it more and more addicting, because it was fun to be able to express myself through the types of stickers I chose to put on my bottle. Being able to put any sticker I would like on my bottle gave me a sense of freedom. Also, I love the way my water bottle looked after I got all my stickers on there, it looked so colorful and interesting to look at.

Although this may not be everyone’s cup of tea, I think it’s a great expressive idea to go about. If you want a way to express yourself without regretting your artistic skills afterwards, just stick with this creative idea. Lick it and stick it!