Bethany Hall, Staff Writer

After the instant classic movie “Man of Steel” that came out in 2013, everyone knew that a sequel was not too far behind to add on to Superman’s story. However, the creators and Warner Bros. Studios just recently started the process of the movie, such as casting, set designs, and looking for a good place to film the action. One part of this production process; hiring a new director. The director of the 2013 movie, Zack Snyder, who rose to stardom after his success with the movie “300” which came out in 2006, has slowly lost his touch in the movie making business and will not be returning for the sequel.

Warner Bros. does have a director in mind, though. They have been eyeing English director and producer, Matthew Vaughn, for quite some time now. Vaughn is most famous for directing “Kingsmen: The Secret Service,” “X-Men: First Class,” “Stardust,” and many more. He has also produced many films that went on to be extremely popular across the globe. Vaughn has many projects coming up in the near future, so he has not committed to anything with Warner Bros. yet, but they have commented countless times that he is on the top of their directing list, whether it’s for superman or something else in the future.

Gizmodo stated “A new Superman movie is just one of at least 17 (yes, 17) DC movies that are in various stages of development. It’s near the bottom in terms of progress, but the search for a director suggests it could start jumping over the other films soon.” So if Vaughn doesn’t sign on to direct the Sequel to “Man of Steel,” Warner Bros. will most likely give him more options if he’s on the top of their list for film making.