Seth Carter, Staff Writer

Throughout sports the last few weeks there has been one family, and more specifically one man, that has been all over sports talk show; that is Lavar Ball. His sons LiAngelo, Lamelo, and Lonzo, have taken over the basketball scene. Lavar has made headlines by saying things like his sons are the greatest basketball players on the planet, and that they deserve a $1 billion dollar shoe deal when they all get to the NBA. He has even gone as far as to say that he could be Michael Jordan if he was in his prime. These comments obviously have been met with criticism, and I believe that he says those things purely for attention. First I would like to talk about the $1 billion dollar shoe deal. This is outrageous because Lebron James only just recently signed a lifetime shoe deal with Nike, and he thinks his three sons, that are good college and high school players, are at the same level as Lebron James.  Another reason that claim is insane is because Lebron is considered a once in a generation talent, and Lavar Ball believes he has three once in a generation players as his sons. I am sorry, but I do not believe that to be possible. Even self proclaimed Ball brothers fanatic Pierce Lively stated that Lavar needs to take a step back stating, “I love the brothers they are awesome players, but I cannot stand the dad.” I believe that if their dad does not take a step back it could not only hurt his image, but it could also hurt his sons because teams will not want to draft one of the Ball brothers because their dad is so outspoken. I think it is best if Lavar Ball keeps his mouth shut and lets his sons do the talking on the court because they are fantastic players.