Seth Carter, Staff Writer

With spring finally arriving here in Georgia, that means track season is in full swing. The past few years have been extremely successful, and with a talent-loaded senior class graduating last year, there are many holes to be filled. However, with old stars moving on, new stars come into the spotlight. These new stars are already proving to be more than capable of carrying the team, defeating Northwest, Southeast, and Murray County this past Thursday. There were many first place finishers and even a record broken! The first place finishers were Kaylin McLaughlin, Alex Lacy, Nyzaih Moore, and Emilee Jones. Our Generals also did well in discuss and pole vault with Mariah McCrary and Lavarius Hood winning discuss, while Piper Monroe won in pole vault. The relay was more of the same with our girls’ and boys’ teams swiping first place finishes. With these awesome feats, I am sure many of our track stars are going to be heading to compete in state in the coming weeks.  To be honest, with so many of our key seniors leaving last year, I did not have big expectations this year.  However, through hard work, grit, and preparation, it is clear that our track teams can keep the legacy going at Heritage.  When I asked how the track team members were able to keep improving, many said it is because of the competitive environment at practice.  When you are worried about losing your position, you will practice even harder, and this strategy is obviously working for the track team, as one can see from their recent competitions.  As long as they keep up the same level of enthusiasm and determination for the year, the ceiling is very high for this talented group.