Sydney Shaver, Staff Writer

The new remake of the classic children’s television show, “Power Rangers,” brings back all kind of nostalgia. It reminds me of watching it as a child on Saturdays. It just brought back all the good feelings of being a child. The plot follows a group of teenagers who accidentally stumble upon the “power coins” which gives the group supernatural powers, like super strength and the ability to jump long distances.  Upon finding the coins, they also find a spaceship where they begin training to battle Rita, the villain of the movie played by Elizabeth Banks.

The movie had a lot of action that was well executed. It also didn’t fully rely on the action to propel the story forward. The special effects were also made really well.  The soundtrack to the movie was one of the most interesting that I’ve heard. It included the original theme song from the show along with newer influences. I genuinely liked the way that it sounded and was put together.

The casting for this movie was phenomenal as well. With people like Becky G (Trini Kwan, or the Yellow Ranger) and RJ Cyler (Billy Cranston, or the Blue Ranger), the acting was on a wide range of emotions. It was rather enjoyable to watch.

A big part of the movie was that during the main action of the film, it felt as if they had stuck a Krispy Kreme commercial. They even had Elizabeth Banks sit down and eat a doughnut. It felt just kind of stuck in the middle.  Other than that, the entire movie was fantastic and I would recommend it for everyone.