Emily Blevins, News Editor

Seniors! As of today, March 29, we have approximately one month and 28 days until we walk across the stage and graduate high school. I don’t know about all of you, but for me time is flying by. As we grow closer to the end of the year, we are also getting closer to the time for the more major senior trips and activities. Although some of the trips are ones that have been done in the past, there are also some new additions for the Class of 2017. After taking a look at the upcoming schedule for trips, I am very excited for all of the opportunities that the students among our class will have this May. As a class officer for this year’s seniors, I am very school-spirited and I would hope that all of those who would like to attend these trips would do their best to take full advantage of each one that is available to them. The trips along with their dates include the following:


Saturday May 13th – Wednesday May 17th: Disney World

Monday May 15th: Superfly, mall

Tuesday May 16th: Downtown Day

Wednesday May 17th: Dave and Busters, Atlanta Braves Game

Monday May 22nd: Six Flags

Friday May 25th: Senior Camp Out at HHS band practice field


It is clear to see that Heritage is very blessed with numerous opportunities in regards to activities for our students. We are also extremely blessed with our senior class sponsors, Mrs. Taylor, Mr. Budds, Mrs. Young, and Mrs. Cloyd, who put in a lot of effort to ensure that all of the seniors enjoy each of the trips and that each one runs smoothly. We are slowly coming up on various deadlines for trips, such as the permission slip and payment for the trip on May 17th being due this Friday, so if you have any questions, please feel free to ask any of the sponsors and/or officers and we would be happy to help. As I mentioned before, if you are unsure about whether you should go on one of the trips or not, do it anyway! Get a friend or two to go with you and you will certainly not regret it. These last few weeks could very well be some of the last guaranteed chances that we will all have to be with the majority of our class all at once, so please do your best not to miss out on these moments. These will absolutely be trips to remember.