Hannah Roberts, Staff Writer

Academic letters are awarded every year to students who have been successful in class and have also been involved in extracurricular academic activities or have taken advanced placement courses. These extracurriculars are what will give you the needed points to qualify, but before that, your grades have to be high enough. Since it is now to the point after the third nine weeks grades have been posted, everyone who has a high enough average is listed by grade outside of the guidance office. If your name is on there, then the application is inside the guidance office as well. This application has to be signed by the needed people and turned in to Rhonda Whiting by Friday, April 21. For freshmen and sophomores, the lowest cumulative grade point average possible is a 92, and for juniors and seniors, it is a 90. If your average is higher, you don’t have to have as many points from various activities. You can get points to qualify from things like participating in a competition team, receiving an award from an approved contest, qualifying for a state competition, or completing an AP or MOWR course. The students who complete the application and qualify for an academic letter will receive an invitation to the Academic Banquet where the letters will be awarded in the middle of May here at Heritage High School. Depending on what other activities you’re involved in, you could also be rewarded for performance on a varsity team or in the band.