Sydney Shaver, Staff Writer

Most of us remember the Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards and the green slime that would be dumped or sprayed onto the celebrities when they accepted their awards. As fun as that was a child, we grew out of watching it, but some of us haven’t really stopped watching things with slime. Instagram had a trend with people playing or mixing slime. It was oddly satisfying to watch. It could be anything from the people putting new colors in it or just showing off what they’ve done. I enjoyed hearing the sound of air bubbles popping inside of the slime. It just calmed my nerves. I know that other satisfying videos have come and gone from Instagram like people cutting colorful sand, but I just can’t get slime off of my mind.

I really wanted to know what slime felt like and to be able to hear the sounds that I enjoyed so I begged one of my good friends to make me some, as she makes hers own and would bring it to school. She told me she would make me some if I brought her either the glue or money for glue so that she would make the slime. Of course, that was one of the first things I did when I found out what she wanted. I gave her some money and a few days later she brought me what I wanted. She brought me purple slime. I fell in love with the way that it felt and I can’t stop messing with it now. It is just so different from other textures. It’s sticky but won’t stick to your skin. I have fallen so in love with the purple slime that I have been thinking about buying another one from her. This time I pay extra because I want a slime that is made with glitter glue.

To me, this was the best investment that I have made by far. It makes me so happy, and it also acts like a stress ball to help me relax. It’s just wonderful to me. I love everything about it, from the texture to the color.