Katie Lee, Staff Writer

On Thursday the Skills USA team traveled to Atlanta for the state competition and some of the students who placed were Timothy Hodge who got third for architectural drawing, Ashley Clinton who got second for Georgia statesman pin design, Caleb Buckler who got second for Georgia pin design, Brooke Barnes who got third for promotional poster graphics, and Gracen Shook who got second for sports highlight video. The students got to miss school on Thursday because the competition was early Friday morning and they were traveling to Atlanta because the competition was held at the Georgia International Convention Center. I talked to Timothy Hodge and he gave me the inside scoop on the competition. He told me that they had to be at the convention center by seven but the competition did not start until nine. The competition lasted until two that afternoon. Timothy said he thought his competition went well, and that he did better than he did last year, getting third out of 22 regional competitors. He said that when he got there they gave him a bubble diagram and some instructions and he had to build a house in Revit for five hours. Timothy told me that the Skills team did not really do much else while they were there, they just stayed at their hotel. I also talked to Caleb Atkins, another student on the skills team, and he had this to say about the competition, “It was fun to go through Atlanta meeting new people and show casing the skills I’ve gained through broadcasting.” On Saturday they had the awards ceremony at nine.