Seth Carter, Staff Writer

Today in any professional or college sport, it is getting more and more common that coaches could be fired in the middle of the season or at some abrupt point during the year. Even if the coach had been successful in the past and the team is just in a rough patch right now the coach is just one or two losses away from the chopping block. I hate this part of the sports world because people have grown impatient, and want tangible results immediately. But before fans dig out the pitchforks and torches they must think of the repercussions of their actions. First fans must think of who they would want to replace the coach and how they coach is better then what they have now. Second is it the right time to replace your coach? If you do it in the middle of the season you are basically forfeiting the remaining games and you are saying that is fine as long as we get rid of this coach we have right now. Lastly fans must realize the affect coaching changes have on the players. If you are being recruited or being pursued in free agency and a team contacts you, but you are not confident the coach will be there for long that has a definite impact on your choice of where to go. One recent example of people calling for the firing of a coach is the Premier League side Arsenal. Arsenal has definitely had a worse season then many predicted, and many people are blaming their manager Arsene Wenger. Wenger is a fantastic coach and has been at Arsenal for over twenty years and during that time he has been their most successful manager. He has won countless trophies and even led an Arsenal team to an undefeated season. Even with all that successful many fans are saying they are done with him and that he has lost his touch and needs to be replaced. This just goes to show the ruthless nature of sports and how one mediocre season can make a great coach lose his job.w