Makaela Patten, Staff Writer

Over spring break a group of students and teachers led by the leadership class traveled to Nicaragua to do census work, build a playground for the local kids, and provide medication. I was able to talk to Coach Slaughter who led the trip, Mrs. Taylor, and Corrie King. “We met just about every family in the area, we built a playground, and we hung out with the kids, trying to build a strong relationship with them. In their culture, there is a lack of importance whenever it comes to education, so we wanted to build those relationships with the kids and start introducing the importance of education to them,” said Mrs. Taylor. “I was excited to meet the people and see who is going to be attending the school and get to know them, their families, and their culture. We started a leadership group with some of the students, then worked with that group to build a playground at the elementary school, we did a census of the possible students that will be coming to Katie Beth Memorial high school so we could start fundraising for their tuitions, we delivered parasite medicine, we had a cookout and fed 150 people, and we taught 40 people CPR,” said Coach Slaughter. “The most memorable part for me was how happy everyone was. Everyone was always smiling,” said Korrie. “It was just so great being able to help and lead people, build strong bonds with families, and see how thankful everyone was. It was all very encouraging. There was a lot of love in that community,” said Mrs. Taylor.