Trevin Kalick, Sports Editor

The NFL draft is right around the corner as it is next Thursday and everyone has their opinions. People argue on who should go first and who the first QB taken should be. Well I’m here to make a whole new argument, i think Dalvin Cook is the best RB in this draft class. Cook has been at FSU for the last three years and after an iffy freshman year where he struggled with fumble problems. He got those problems under control his sophomore and junior year and put together two amazing seasons. The last two years shot him up in many people’s drafts but one thing has held him back, character issues.

Cook is the prototype RB you want in the NFL. He is huge and can power through almost any defender you put in front of him, he has breakaway speed like no other, and is phenomenal at finding little holes in the line and breaking through. All teams want this in a RB in the NFL and he brings them to the table. Now, some have him going top 10, some have him dropping out of the first round and that’s because of “character issues.” In 2015, Cook was arrested for allegedly having a physical altercation with a woman outside a bar. Now, if Cook actually did this, then i could see why people are outraged but he was never charged with anything. I think people are trying to find anyway for his rep to be ruined before the draft.

Cook is the absolute best back in this draft class. Better than Fournette, McCaffrey, Milton, everybody. I project him to go to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the first round and be reunited with his former teammate and QB, Jameis Winston.