Shalee Thompson, Staff Writer

We all know just how inspiring and wholly Instagram-able they can be, but most of us only make time for sunsets when we’re on vacation, as if that calming, beautiful moment can only occur when we’re in an enticing place, free from everyday commitment. But newsflash, there are sunsets every single day; no matter where you are. And with the days getting longer and the weather getting warmer, the sunset is becoming more and more accessible, and an easy, free way to infuse some wonder and awe into your regular routine.

As a little girl, sunsets were always a big deal to me; I loved them. Generally speaking, I loved sunsets so much that I had this weird fear that one day they wouldn’t be a part of my life anymore; however, I thought wrong, because how could sunsets become nonexistent? That’s impossible right? Well, as I’ve grown older I have realized that there is much more to sunsets than the typical “Oh, sunsets are so pretty! Look at all the colors!” The time around sundown is my favorite time of the day and I can’t begin to express to you the amount of energy I receive whenever I see the sunset each evening.

When the sun sets I have a personal connection with God that everything throughout my day was taken care of because of God Himself. Now, you may be thinking “How does God relate to sunsets,” well He created them; so that is one of the various ways He presents Himself to us every day. I see sunsets as a daily reminder that God loves us so much, that He placed us all here on this beautiful earth, with many wonderful creations, that again, He created. Each night God paints a new picture in the sky with many various colors, different amounts of clouds some of which are dark and some light, and of course the beaming sun.

There is so much that God reveals to us every day through His sunsets, that will not only complete your day with the perfect ending; but will also provide you with an abundant amount of peace. Through my day-to-day routine I get so busy and scrambled that I sometimes forget what my main focus is, which our God is. However, in the midst of all my struggles through my days and everything I seem to get stressed about, God reminds me of His greatness and faithfulness each night and I love that. There isn’t a day/night that goes by where I don’t take a picture of the sunrise or sunset. The reasoning behind that is because I don’t feel I should skip out on a glorious masterpiece that my God created for me.

Shades of purple, blue, gray, and orange streaking across the sky seem to strike a sense of awe in us no matter what we’re doing. Why do sunsets affect us the way they do? That’s a question I ask myself quite frequently. Sunsets remind us that beauty exists beyond our control. Beauty happens and to a great extent, it has nothing to do with us. We can paint beautiful portraits of mountains and breathtaking views, but we can’t match the daily portrait God paints each day in a year. And equally amazing every day the portrait is different.

But you can’t have a painting without a painter. On a much deeper level, the sunset reminds us of God. He takes the time to paint the sunset, then turns the painting around and shares it with us. No one forces Him to share His masterpieces; He does it because He wants us to enjoy them as He does. And He wants us to enjoy Him. So really, sunsets are an opportunity for worship. They inspire us to break out in words of worship and praise to God.

The next time you’re taking an evening walk and you see a portrait unfolding before your eyes, don’t keep walking. Stop. Stand still for a moment and enjoy it. Clap your hands in applause for the Painter. Complement God on His handiwork and tell Him how great He is. God doesn’t need to be reminded of His greatness, but we do. We need sunsets to remember how small we are and how big He is. And we need to be reminded that the Painter is sharing a sunset with us simply because He wants us to enjoy Him too. It is written in The Bible, “The whole earth is filled with awe at your wonders; where morning dawns, where evening fades, you call forth songs of joy” (Psalm 65:8). I have made my commitment, to set my eyes on The Son. How about you? It’s time to take that step into your faith.