Word on the 23rd


Clay Mount, Staff Writer

Heritage was given the privilege of hosting this year’s Jostens’ Fall Workshop. The Jostens yearbook organization produces our school yearbook every year. Rebecca Kilday, our Jostens adviser, was in charge of the workshop, and she is the one who arranged to host the event here at Heritage. Schools from all around this general area, along with schools from Tennessee and even schools from Alabama, attended as well. This event is held so yearbook staffs can go over topics such as yearbook ideas, current yearbook trends, and the top ten yearbooks. Students from several places heard what we’ve planned for this year’s annual, and we went on to hear their plans as well. The event began September 23rd at 8:30 and ended at 2:30. Through this event, HHS’s yearbook staff learned ways to make The Legacy even better this time around. The journalism staff also heard from this year’s special speaker, Lauren Logsdon, and heard about her own experience as a yearbook editor. There are many things that students learned from Lauren, and the yearbook staff couldn’t wait to hear what she had to share. Many schools observed Heritage, and the HHS journalism class are certain they experienced a great school with students filled with ambition and potential. Many fellow yearbook staff members agree that we were filled with anticipation, anxiousness, and excitement to represent Heritage High School at this event.