S. Carter & E. Blevins

Emily Blevins, News Editor

For many students here at Heritage, this coming Saturday, April 22, is a day that many are looking forward to; it is indeed the 2017 prom. And although this prom is something that is supposed to be a day to simply get dressed up and have fun, as some people have been noticing, there has been some bad news floating around the hallways of Heritage along with a few panicking prom attendees’ mothers’ Facebook pages as well. There has unfortunately been some reporting lately of various chances of rain throughout the day. Yes, there is a chance that it will rain on prom day.

Of course, we can’t guarantee anything about the weather, especially in our little indecisive area that is North Georgia. As of yesterday, the ten-day forecast was reporting a very high chance, nearly 90%, of rain. It suggested that there would be a lower chance in the beginning of the day, but once the late afternoon rolled around that the bottom would completely fall out. However, like I mentioned before, we simply cannot guarantee anything. As of today’s weather forecast for Saturday, the precipitation chance has dropped to about 30%; yes, it is around a 60% drop of chance in only a day. This does give me hope that the weather could turn out to be okay for prom, but what are the odds that it switches back to thunderstorms in a matter only three days after it switched completely in a matter of only one?

Honestly, when I first found out about the chance of the weather turning out in such a way on MY senior prom day, I was really concerned. The thought of it raining all day had never crossed my mind. How will my group and I take pictures? How will my hair stay put together if it rains? And so on, and so forth. However, I have come to realize that whatever happens, I can simply not control it at all. I am going to try to do so, and I would encourage anyone else who is worried about prom day’s weather to simply accept the fact that not everything is necessarily sunshine and rainbows on prom day … pun intended. I am going to do my best at going about my day with a positive attitude regardless of the weather. Prom is such a special thing, and there is no sense in letting something get in the way of making it just that.

So yes, there is a chance that it will rain on prom day. Who knows how the weather will end up? This is some fairly bad news, but you can either let it ruin your prom or let it create some memories that you will never forget. Whether the day is stormy and blue, or bright and beautiful, I really hope that everyone has a lovely prom and that we can all accept that for this year, April showers might just bring us some prom flowers.