Hannah Roberts, Staff Writer

The blood drive here at HHS was yesterday, April 24. Like every year, many students were able to donate. In order to give blood, you had to be at least sixteen years old and had already gotten parent permission, even if you had donated in the past. There were two different buses that were at the front of the school, and inside them, there were many people working to make sure that everything was done the way that it was supposed to be. If all went well, it should have only taken a maximum of 30 minutes to give blood, but it usually takes less time than that. You were also given a snack after donating blood to decrease side effects from losing blood. Since age, gender, weight, and height affect if you are able to give blood or not, you had to be in good enough health to meet their standards for donation. Not everyone is allowed to donate blood. Sophomore Hannah White gave blood for the first time, and she said, “I’m tired, but that’s about it. They said save three lives and I was like ‘okay, cool.’”According to research, one donation from just one person has the potential to save three lives, and the donated blood is supplied to over 70 healthcare facilities across over 50 different countries. With such widespread care, over 440 blood donors are needed every day. Since some blood types are needed more than others, if you are able to donate, you should really consider it for the next blood drive that we have here.