Bethany Hall, Staff Writer

Everyone can name a craze (or something really popular) that they have been sucked into– something that has been really famous for a while and you thought you were too cool for it, but then you were hooked. Well, I’ve been there; you’re not alone. However, there is one craze that I never caught on to and, to this day, still think it is much too overrated. What is the craze? Nutella. I remember being an innocent, little freshman who had heard of Nutella, but had never tasted it before. One day, a friend had it at lunch and let me try some on a cracker. Some of that gooey texture touched my tongue and my heart sank. All the talk of how amazing Nutella is and it tasted like chalky sawdust with some chocolate sprinkled in. I was utterly heartbroken.

So a few years pass and I think the craze is finally over. I recently became obsessed with looking at recipe videos on Facebook. I love watching people make food and I love saving those videos and then making the food one day. What I don’t like is seeing Nutella in recipes when I’m excited about the food, and then getting my heart crushed when I see that the disgusting, glorified, hazelnut peanut butter is the main ingredient. It ruins my entire day and I have to hold back from gagging when I think about the Nutella crepes I saw on Facebook that would have been so much better with chocolate or regular peanut butter.

Personally, I never did find out why Nutella is so popular or why it became a craze in the first place. I’ll probably never know. It has been popular for far too long and is still liked by far too many people. I will never understand what is so enjoyable about the chalky and putrid taste that is Nutella. It’s a no from me.