I. Shank & S. Thompson

Katie Lee, Staff Writer

During the summer, most people usually take vacations to some beach, but I have never really liked the beach. I prefer amusement parks; they are so much fun. My favorite thing about amusement parks is obviously the food. If I were to ask you what an amusement park smells like, what would you say? That’s right! Funnel cake. As soon as you get to an amusement park, the delicious smell of those soft, warm treats consumes you. I can’t go to a park without buying a funnel cake. The candied apples and Dippin’ Dots are some of my other favorite sweets. I mean, I don’t really dig the prices of these foods, but it’s not enough to stop me from getting it. I can’t resist the temptation. The second best thing about amusement parks is the rides. I am always super pumped about every ride I get in line for, that is until I am at the front and it is my turn; then I start to get scared. It’s always a good scared, though, and it always goes away as soon as I get on the ride. The best part of every roller coaster is when you get to the top of the first hill, when your stomach drops but you’re super stoked at the same time. My favorite amusement park is Universal Studios in Orlando because most of their rides are simulation roller coasters. They make you a part of the ride and that is really cool. Amusement parks also usually have booths for games that you can play with your family and friends and that is good for people who get nauseous on roller coasters or old people who are too fragile for them. The worst thing about the parks is the ridiculously long lines you have to wait in for every single ride. Sometimes it takes hours to get through these lines and that is no fun when it is about 90 degrees outside and you’re surrounded by people. I can’t stand waiting in these unbearably long lines, so I usually purchase fast passes so I can just skip the lines and have a good day.