Trevin Kalick, Sports

I’m sure all of you sports fans that read our articles are about tired of reading about the NFL Draft, but I promise you that this is the last one for a long time. The NFL Draft is tonight and all the anticipation is finally at its boiling point as NFL fans wait anxiously for this beloved event to start. The leading up to this draft has been one of the tamest time periods for the NFL to date. Usually, in the weeks before the draft we see lots of teams make trades to try to either move up or move back in the draft. Teams must be saving their trades for draft night because as of right now, teams seem to be content at where they are picking. I’m positive we will see many moves and surprises tonight during the draft.

Everyone knows the Cleveland Browns as the laughing stock of the NFL; since the turn of the century they have had two winning seasons. They won only one game last year giving them the worst record in the league and solidified them the number one pick. Everyone and their moms know that the Browns need to do the smart thing and pick defensive lineman Myles Garrett, out of Texas A&M. Sadly, we know the Browns organization and they seem to do the smart thing in the draft. Rumors are circulating the Browns may abandon Garrett and pick the former UNC QB, Mitch Trubisky. Now, the Browns desperately need a QB but passing up on Garrett for Trubisky could be one of the dumbest picks of all time.

Something to always watch for on draft night are trades because they are pretty much a guarantee like death and taxes. There are few reasons why a team will trade during draft night. They either believe that they need a player and aren’t sure they will be there for their pick so they trade up. The other reason is a team sees a good player falling in the draft and believe that they can trade back to get that player later in the draft and gain some other assets in the trade. There are always some big surprises on draft night and some of them could definitely have your heart in your throat.

Draft night is one of the sacred parts of the NFL offseason; it ultimately means we are just getting closer and closer to the start of the season. I can’t wait to see all that unfolds tonight and where some of these premier athletes end up.