Sydney Shaver, Staff Writer

When you think of nails, you might also think of hammers or nail polish, depending on your personality. I think of walking into a nail salon, picking out a color or two, and having someone paint my nails. It’s a relaxing experience and I get to enjoy being pampered for 30 minutes while they help me keep my nails nice. I don’t usually have a chance to go get my nails done, and with color guard, it’s so unconventional to keep them painted. I break them and chip them, but I love going to get them done. I especially like going to get my toenails done because they put your feet in warm water and let you just sit back and relax. Some salons even have massaging chairs to help you relax.

For prom, I decided to get acrylic nails for the first time. I never needed them before because my nail beds are longer and make my look nicer, but as a result of a toss that I couldn’t quite catch correctly the week before, my nail had broken. It was not the time to just paint them and leave one messed up and gross. It was prom and I wanted to look my best. Having these nails, I had to learn how to open up canned sodas and zip up jeans. Even typing seems foreign to me, almost like I can’t really do it. I love the way they look, but it seems a lot of work for just one night. It just isn’t for one night either; I have to wear them until I either break them off or they finally grow off of my nails. I also chose to match my nails to my prom dress and now I have these sparkly nails that match nothing that I own except a prom dress. They look gorgeous, but I have nothing to matching them with anymore. It leaves me with a predicament; should I just wait or have another day getting my nails redone? At this point, I have no clue. Maybe I’ll go in and just have them repainted to get that relaxed feeling again.