Shalee Thompson, Staff Writer

Hey Disney World lovers/obsessors, I have something I would like to share with you, something that your ears are dying to hear. The opening date of Pandora: The World of “Avatar” in Disney’s Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World has been announced: May 27, 2017. Are you ready to hear about a whole new world? Stay tuned.

Pandora World is coming with some great and wild things, including the floating mountains, flying banshees, flora, and animals of the world. World of “Avatar” creator Joe Rohde said, “If you think about the intrinsic value of nature, transformation through adventure, and personal call to action – these are the values of Animal Kingdom. But if you say them again, those are the themes of the film Avatar. So, Avatar and Animal Kingdom will nest into each other very, very nearly.”

“Animal Kingdom is a place about the kind of realism that derives from those animals. We really want to live up to that state of realism to the detail, to the complete immersion which is part of the signature of that park to the sense that these are events that are really happening to you – that it is your adventure. When we translate that into the world of “Avatar” it presents a whole new series of technical challenges because of the very nature of that world itself,” said Joe Rohde, describing the “Avatar” connection to the Animal Kingdom.

I suggest if you’re thinking about going to Disney World this summer to check out the whole new World of “Avatar,” because it seems exhilarating. If you loved the movie “Avatar,” I bet you’ll fall mad for Pandora. Brace yourself; this park might even turn you into an avatar, and you will then be saying, “Listen to me! You’re not used to your avatar body. This is dangerous,” as Dr. Max Patel said in the movie “Avatar.”