Makaela Patten, Staff Writer

Just recently, a good sized stepping stone in my life took place; I got a paying job. Now, I have more responsibilities and I make money. I work retail, which can be kind of crazy sometimes. There is inventory to be done, stocking the store, folding and hanging things, dealing with money, and working with customers. Even with the minor setbacks, (being yelled at for not returning something without the tags or receipt even though we have the return policy plastered around the store or having little kids run around and unfold every single shirt you just worked on) working retail is a lot of fun. There are a lot of plus sides to working where I work at too, RAK Outfitters. The people I work with are great, funny, kind hearted people, with an amazing work ethic. I get along with them all well, and have become friends with most of them over the almost year that I’ve known them, (My mom and dad manage that store so I’ve been hanging out and helping work for quite a while.) Also, since we are next to a lot of good restaurants, lunch breaks are always fun. I get paid a good amount for the work that I do, considering my young age and small amount of work experience, and am very grateful that I have been given this opportunity. Having this job has helped me with money management and given me work experience which will help when applying for future jobs.