Sydney Shaver, Staff Writer

Over this past weekend, a hacker, named The Dark Overlord, hacked Netflix and released ten out of thirteen episodes of Netflix’s original series “Orange is the New Black,” which was set to be released on June 9, 2017. The person released the episodes after Netflix wouldn’t comply with a ransom. They uploaded the episodes onto an illegal downloading site and posted to their Twitter account, @tdohack3r, and then published this tweet “Who is next on the list? FOX, IFC, NAT GEO, and ABC. Oh, what fun we’re all going to have. We’re not playing any games anymore.” afterwards. They hacked into a post production company called Larson Studios. It is said that the person has upwards of 30 other shows that they have said they can upload, such as “Celebrity Apprentice,” “New Girl,” “NCIS Los Angeles,” and “The Catch.” The person is asking these television networks to give them large ransoms, and if they don’t comply with their demands, they will release shows and movies that haven’t been aired yet. It is the latest in a long line of thefts in the past year. The alias, The Dark Overlord, has shown up in other recent attacks as well, such as one last January of an organization called “Little Red Door Cancer services of East Central Indiana.” They ordered that they give them 50 bitcoins, which was valued at $43,000, in order to restore the data that they wiped. The hacker has also claimed to have hacked into three different health care companies in the United States. They have tried to sell the data that they received from the companies for $96,000 to $490,000 on the dark web.