Bethany Hall, Staff Writer

Everyone has that one all time favorite cup that they drink out of and you could probably even tell me where it is right now in your house. Don’t laugh at me, you know it’s true. Well, there’s one special brand of cups that I just will never understand the hype to it: Yeti. You read that right, I am not a fan of Yetis. Whether they are the giant ones, or the little coffee cup size, I do not like that brand of cups.

First of all, it’s a cup. That’s all that it is. It holds liquid for you to drink; there is literally nothing special about it other than the word “Yeti” on the side. I see people in the hallway at school drinking from them every day and they hold it close to them like it’s their first born child. Would they do that if it was any other brand of cup? Absolutely not. I do not see the big deal.

Second of all, they are way overpriced, and everyone knows it, but they just don’t say anything. One of the big cups costs $40 and the smaller one for $30? That just seems like too much for a cup that doesn’t keep things as hot and cold as it says it does. (My family has two of the large ones but we did not pay for them, we won them in a contest.)

Last but not least, if you are going to purchase a Yeti cup and use it, (and that’s totally your choice, I’m not bashing you), please know how to control it. If you have a giant yeti cup in class and it falls on the floor and creates a noise louder than the falling walls of Jericho, I can’t be held responsible for staring you down with the stink eye for the rest of the day. This instance has occurred far more times than you might think and it’s so obnoxious.