Sydney Shaver, Staff Writer

When I think about my favorite shoes, I automatically think about my Converse. They’re my favorite because I like the way they look on my feet. I have a hard enough time walking on a flat surface, so wearing heels is really out of the question for me. When I look at myself in tennis shoes, all I see is how bulky they look on my feet. Don’t even get me started on flip flops and flats. They just expose my pale feet and make them look fatter than they actually are. Converse make my feet look halfway normal and nice. I just like the way they look and the style they bring. They might not be the most conventional when it comes to walking around town or exercising, but they are perfect for wearing to school and going out to the movies since they are so comfortable.

I have to say that my favorite pair are my leather high tops. They have this clear bottom where you can read the words “All Star.” They also have these metal bits that if I’m not careful scrape together and make a loud noise. I got them on sale at the Converse outlet in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, over the summer, and I love them. Another pair that I absolutely love is my navy blue low tops. They are great to wear if I’m in a rush and don’t want to struggle to put on my leather ones. They are also one of the more comfortable pairs that I own. Converse is just my favorite shoe brand, and I love the way they look on me.