E. Blevins & S. Carter

Seth Carter, Staff Writer

The NBA playoffs are in full swing, and Lebron James has continued his yearly dominance in the first round. In fact it has been five years since he has lost a game in the first round. He is 21-0 in the first round since 2012. Yes, you heard that right not a series but a single game. In fact the last time he lost a game in the first round Russell Westbrook, James Hardin, and Kevin Durant were all on the Thunder together. When you think of that you realize the magnitude of Lebron’s achievement. It is an accomplishment the NBA has not seen and it makes it even more impressive that Lebron has kept that streak alive on different teams. This proves how essential he is to the team he plays on and how much his game improves in the playoffs. Lebron’s playoff stat line is superb and he always seems to be on his game when they roll around. He averages 28 points, 9 rebounds, 7 assists, 2 steals, and 1 block in his playoff career. However in the playoffs right now he is averaging better than those stats already and many are speculating this is the best postseason any player has ever had. I would have to agree because after watching the first two series of this year’s playoffs Lebron has been an animal. His first two sweeps of the competition have been his best yet and the series against the Raptors was almost the most lopsided series in the history of the NBA.  Lebron in the regular season is the best player on the world, but when the playoffs roll around he turns into a basketball god and does as he pleases on the court.