Hannah Roberts, Staff Writer

This summer, Heritage High School’s Broadway Club will be putting on a community production of the musical “Hairspray.” The auditions to be a part of this were yesterday at 6 p.m., but they are having more auditions tonight, May 9, at the same time as they were previously. These auditions are being held in Ms. Peters’ room. Anyone from local high schools can audition, including up-coming freshmen, and the callbacks will be on May 11. The director for “Hairspray” is Ms. Peters, but she also has two co-directors who are helping. They are Stephanie Parker, a math and science teacher from the middle school, and Kyle Conkle. When I was able to go talk to Ms. Peters and ask her what her hopes for this musical are, she replied, “When the three of us sat down and talked about it, we wanted to give kids more experience. We have great young voices and wanted to involve people from the community and other schools. There aren’t a lot of shows going on this summer, so we thought it was a good time.” According to her, she is already aware of students from other high schools who are planning on auditioning for this musical this week, so there will be people from other schools as well. After the cast has worked on the musical, memorized lines, and prepared to perform, “Hairspray” will play during the summer in the HHS Theater from July 27 to July 29.