Ian Shank, Staff Writer

Wednesday, May 3, the first official trailer for the much-anticipated adaptation of Stephen King’s book series “The Dark Tower” was released to the public. The trailer has a run time of two minutes and 56 seconds.  It starts out by showcasing a clip from an action set piece in which The Gunslinger (played by Idris Elba) throws ammo up into the air and somehow reloads his revolvers by catching the bullets in mid-air. We then get glimpse of the child and he talks about how he has these visions of a dark tower (hence the name of the movie) and then we see a portal, kid steps in, and now we’re in mid-world.  Then we learn from the gunslinger that if the tower falls then a bunch of horrendous stuff will happen. OF course, we see Matthew McConaughey’s character, the man in black (who is apparently worse than the devil, according to the Gunslinger). We then get a heavy dosage of action shots that are a little too reminiscent of a Zack Snyder film due to its outlandishness or the slow motion effects. There are reportedly several Easter eggs hidden in the trailer that reference other works of Stephen King such as “IT” and “The Shining”.  Along with the trailer two new character posters dropped for the movie.  One was of Idris Elba’s the gunslinger and the other poster was of Matthew McConaughey’s man in black. The film is currently expected to hit theatres on August 4.