Shalee Thompson, Staff Writer

As we grow older our opinions change, our likings change, and we also change as people. As this year has gone on I have made many changes in my life; however, there have also been a lot of things that I have wanted to change, but never actually got around to. I’m sure that happens to a lot of us. Well, I have some exciting news that I would like to share with everyone, because I finally got around to making something in my life happen, something I have wanted for a long time. The big news is… I created my own blog page!

Starting a blog page for me has been a huge relief, which sounds bizarre, I know. But blogging is a way for me to exclude myself from my surrounding and to find my more peaceful state of mind. This past year or so I have been nervous about starting a blog page, because I was more afraid of the outcome that I might receive, meaning, I was afraid that no one would read my posts, I wouldn’t gain any viewers, and I was most of afraid of what others may think and that I wouldn’t be gaining anything from blogging, if no one reads my posts.

The more I thought about starting a blog page the more discouraged I became. I found myself in a state of mind where I felt I wasn’t a good enough writer, that anything I wrote only sounded good to myself, rather than to others. It was hard for me to actually start this blog page, but I knew God wanted me to speak out in a whole new way; so I shut my emotions up and got busy. My first thought was to pray about my situation, because God is the answer to everything. As I prayed for many months about my situation and went into extreme details about what all was going on, God spoke to me through other people in my life, to help encourage and uplift me. One of my youth pastor’s, (who I like to think of as my “second mother”) Tracey, is the one person I go to for any of my needs, because I know she’ll always encourage me and help give me the confidence in myself that I need to pursue the things I want to do. Tracey is a wonderful woman of God, and her wise words always helps me whenever I need help making a decision, like making my own blog page. However, there was some humor in the midst of all this. One of the things I mentioned to her was that for months I tried making my own blog page, but I couldn’t figure it out for the life of me. So I figured I would ask her and she was unable to help me in that area of the situation, which I found funny. I know it may not be funny to you, but if you knew Tracey like I do it would be quite funny, and you would find the humor in it within seconds.

Anyways, let’s get back on topic. As I started figuring out how this blogging thing worked it became more nerve wracking for me. The more blogs I started posting the more comments and likes my posts were getting, and although they were all great comments I felt like I needed to push myself even harder, further than my abilities. So then, I started thinking of ways that I could better myself at writing, like: having an open mind, a positive outlook, a more sensitive spirit to God, and a relaxing environment to write in. Let me tell you, those simple things helped me out a ton. I then finally got in the state of mind where I felt I could do this blogging thing, and from there I started having a ton of fun.

Now that my rambling is over about my process in making a blog page, let me tell you about the blog page itself. First of all, I wanted to create a blog name that sounded somewhat graceful and a name that would flow smoothly. I contemplated on this for about two days and then it came to me; I decided to name it “Spiritual Insights Blogs.” I felt it was perfect. It combined all the right words, because my goal was to include words along the realms of my faith (spiritual) and to express a sense that my words cannot express (insights). Together these two words reveal the true second sight. This means, one can see the little picture, yet one may not see it until one is told that it is an elephant going past a second story window. One may say, “Oh, now I see it!” Therefore, one has been given another kind of sight. It is called “insight”. A word occasionally used in the Bible is “Behold”. Beholding is not merely seeing. It is seeing with an intensity and insight that goes beyond a mere physical processing of light entering the eye. In the Bible it says, when Jesus healed a blind man, he asked him, “Do you see anything?” The man replied, “I see men as trees walking”. He could see, but he was confused. Jesus touched his eyes again; then he saw clearly; he had not only sight, but insight, to make sense of what he saw (Mark 8:22-26). I chose the name because in our daily lives we can often see things, but not completely understand what we are seeing. When we completely surrender our life to God we gain a whole new perspective on things around us, rather than seeing the things for what they are and not seeing anything beyond that place or object. God wants us to experience a spiritual insight, so we can not only see clearly; but to understand and to see beyond what we are seeing as well.

On my blog page I post blogs of encouragement, Godly relationships, and pretty anything around the realms of living in daily life. My blogs will almost always have a specific message or topic; however, others maybe random and simply about whatever went on throughout my week. Writing blogs is a way for me to communicate to people in a different way and reach out to those in need. God is preparing me for something bigger than I can imagine and He’s doing the very same for you as well. If anyone is interested in checking out my blogs you can visit my website at https://spiritualinsightsblogs.wordpress.com