K. Lee

Katie Lee, Staff Writer

Makeup is an extremely frustrating thing. Makeup is like working out but it is for your face, but it only works if you do it right. I can not tell you how many YouTube tutorials I have watched on how to contour, blend, and how to achieve the perfect wing, but I still have no clue what I am doing. For a really long time I only used eyeliner and mascara because those things are easy, but lately I have been interested in face make up. I started off just using cheap products from Walmart, but those didn’t exactly work out so I thought that the problem was that they were cheap. Then i started buying very expensive make up in hopes to improve my look, but it turns out that the make up brand was not the problem, it was just that I am really bad at doing make up. One day I spent about three hours watching videos on how to contour my face so that it would appear skinnier, but every time it just turned out looking like I rubbed some sparkly dirt on my face. It is so annoying when I see all these girls whose faces are beaten for the gods and they look like models and then you look at me and it looks like I was just rolling around outside. Even though it is not working out for me, I will not give up. I am very determined to at least be decent at doing my make up. It would be great if I could master the craft before prom next year so I don’t have to pay someone else to do it. Who knows maybe I’ll get good enough at it that people will pay me to do theirs, we’ll see.