Trevin Kalick, Sports Editor

After [editor] Connor [Harlan] forced us to listen to and review the song “America” by Foxygen, I have been a little skittish about what songs he’ll play for us. Well, when he said that we were doing another review, my stomach kind of turned as I was expecting something I would never ever like. I was pleasantly surprised when Connor started playing “Real Death” by Mount Eerie.

I went home and listened to it again and again, I now know it is one of my favorite songs. It takes songs that talk about and acknowledge death to a whole new light. Now I may get a little deep so bear with me. I have dealt with a loss in the past year as I lost one of close friends to suicide. Since then, music has kind of been my escape from the world. Songs that remind me of Ethan or of everything I have felt resonate well with me. That’s why this song touched me as much as it did. When he says the line “When I walk into the room where you were and look into the emptiness instead, all fails,” I can’t help but get misty eyed and think of every time I walk into school without him here. It’s like the place is totally empty and it’s just me.

I don’t want to be too depressing so I’ll wrap this review up. I can honestly say that I loved this song and it will get many more listens from me. 9/10.