Emily Blevins, News Editor

Senior tennis player, Reagan Christol, also known as one of my best friends in the world, was recently recruited by Brewton Parker College. Brewton Parker is an outstanding school located in Mount Vernon, Georgia, where Reagan will be attending this fall. She really admires the school for their Christian values and excellent campus, and similar to how most seniors are feeling right now, she is really looking forward to moving on to this new chapter that is coming up in her life.

As she thinks about her future, she explains how she is “looking forward to traveling when playing tennis.” Reagan is definitely not ready to just drop the sport altogether after graduating, so she is excited to have such an awesome opportunity to continue pursuing the sport, now at a college level.

As for today, Wednesday May 10, Reagan is actually signing here at Heritage and is really looking forward to the event. “The signing really means alot to me because I will be the first girl tennis player to ever play at the next level. I am looking forward for this opportunity to play and I’m very excited.” As a close friend of Reagan’s I am definitely proud of her and all she has accomplished. She has worked very hard throughout her high school years to keep her work ethic at a high level in both her academics, along with her sports and extracurricular activities. Overall, Reagan is certainly going places very soon, and is making her friends and family very proud with all that she has achieved.