Makaela Patten, Staff Writer

The Heritage High School Choir competed in the ‘Music in the Parks’ festival this past Saturday, May 7, 2017. If you didn’t know, ‘Music in the Parks’ gives ensembles (vocal or instrumental) an opportunity to compete and receive suggestions from other music teachers on how to improve their performance. The teachers evaluate hundreds of these ensembles throughout the festival season. Both our Chamber Choir and our Concert Choir did outstandingly well, and received superior ratings. The Concert Choir placed first in their division, scoring a 97 out of 100 total points. The Chamber Choir also did very well. They placed second in their division and scored a 94.8 out of 100 total points.

I was given the opportunity to talk to four choir members who participated in the ‘Music in the Parks’ festival this past weekend, Heavynne Daniel, Jordyn Gass, Kyle Hullander, and Morgan Cabe. “The ‘Music in the Park’ festival was super fun, it was a great way to see other choirs from out of the state, and it was super fun getting to go to Six Flags and talking to some of the other kids there,” said Morgan. “We did really well. The Concert Choir got first place and we got second place for Chamber Choir. We also got superior overall which is pretty good,” Kyle continued, “I had a feeling we might win first; we did very well.” “When we got first place, it was honestly really relieving. I think everyone was really nervous, but even if we hadn’t even ranked, we knew Mrs. Hamilton would be super proud of us, and how far we’ve come from our last competition,” said Morgan. “I had a lot of fun at Six Flags, along with ‘Music at the Parks’! I met a lot of new people,” exclaimed Heavynne. “We are lucky to have Mrs. Hamilton as our teacher, she is great at what she does,” said Jordyn.