Sydney Shaver, Staff Writer

Everybody needs sleep for a lot of their life. Some people need more and others need less. I know that if I have a slight change to my schedule, my sleeping patterns get so out of whack. For example, I had to start waking up about an hour earlier to catch a bus and my body was so tuned to waking up an hour later. I’m still having problems going to bed earlier so I can wake up even earlier. It has started affecting my attention in class as well. I can’t focus and can often times almost fall asleep while taking notes. The only problem I have is going to sleep is when I put my head to the pillow, things start racing in my mind.

So now you might be wondering what is keeping me awake at night, right. A big factor that keeps me awake at night is fear. I’m not afraid of what most people are afraid of. I’m always trying to explain all the supernatural things. I know they aren’t really but my mind will start thinking of these things. “Hey… Sydney… You know what I just remembered? Jeff the Killer! That creepy pasta you read over 3 years ago is coming back to haunt you. That bump that you heard? It was a demon coming to grab your feet.” I know that these things won’t come to get me, but I’m still afraid that they will.

Anyways, let’s get back on topic. Sometimes, I can’t go to sleep so I turn on a movie that I think will bore me so I fall asleep, but often times, it gives me the opposite effect. I stay up until midnight watching a movie that I don’t even like! It doesn’t make sense to me. I just wanted to get my mind off of demons underneath my bed, not watch a dumb movie! Sleep just doesn’t come to me easily anymore, especially since the demons under my bed like to bring up my worst nightmares.