Katie Lee, Staff Writer

Friday, May 12, was senior prank day at Heritage, and boy oh boy, it was crazy. Thursday night, some of the seniors stayed here until about three in the morning. When everyone arrived Friday morning, Heritage was “decorated.” The seniors had thrown toilet paper, streamers, and balloons all over the hallways and stairs. They even went for the bathrooms; they Saran-Wrapped the stall doors and toilets and wrote all over the mirrors (“Seniors rule Dis our house boii 2K17.” They also took all the weights off their holders in the weight rooms, and they covered the doors of the main office with colorful sticky notes.. The main staircase was stuffed with balloons and Saran wrapped so that no one could get up or down them. Mrs. Petteys’ room probably got the worst of the prank with her desks being stacked on top of each other, trash all over the floor, and her books Saran-Wrapped; it was so bad that her first block students had to go to Mrs.Taylor’s room. The seniors parked their cars outside on the band practice field and decided  not to come inside and see their mess. They stayed outside playing games like cornhole, football, and volleyball until about 8:45. After that, some of the seniors decided to come inside, and some of them just left school. A lot of the seniors even showed up in their pajamas! By the end of first block, the seniors had the “decorations” all cleaned up, and I know it must have been annoying to clean, because the school looked like it had been hit by a paper and balloon tornado. I think the seniors did a very good job with this prank, and I’m sure it won’t soon be forgotten.