Shalee Thompson, Staff Writer

Dear strong girl,

You hide in the background and try to stay unnoticed, why? You don’t speak up or talk very much, why? You have such amazing qualities about yourself; but you push them to the side like they don’t matter.  Why? All these questions are questionable to you, and some you probably can’t even answer. Being a strong girl doesn’t just apply to physically being strong; it applies to a much greater aspect, which is being mentally strong. You choose to be happy, and you choose to make others around you happy as well. Being there when no one else is, for someone who doesn’t have anyone to go to … that’s you. You tend to get nervous when others are mad at you, because the feeling of someone being mad or upset with you kills you on the inside … that’s you. Sometimes you can fake a smile, a joke, or even the way you feel that day; because you know if you don’t, someone will point out every flaw in the way you’re going about your day. It’s okay to have a slip up or to make a mistake, because everyone does it. No biggie, right? Until someone points that out, as well. You decide to do what’s right and be the bigger person in every situation, only because you’re a strong girl and you can handle it. You’ve gone through too much to let anyone or anything tear you down. You may hide in the background and stay quiet; but if you didn’t, that wouldn’t be you: the strong girl.