Bethany Hall, Staff Writer

This past Friday, May 12, my dad, sister, and I drove up to St. Louis, Missouri, for my cousin Justin’s graduation from UMSL (University of Missouri, St. Louis). While we were there, I realized a few things about graduations that I should start thinking about because I will be walking across the high school stage in a little over a year.

First of all, people are mean. Even at graduations where they are proud as they can be of their babies, they are so rude if a good seat is on the line. We were pushed, cussed out, and people even stole our seats while we were trying to sit down to even get a glimpse of Justin before he sat down with his classmates. I think it’s a little ridiculous because these are grown adults, trying to see their adult children walk across a stage. I get that it’s a big deal, but it’s a whole basketball stadium, I don’t think you will be hurting for a seat.

Second of all, there’s always that one person at every pep rally, sports event, and you guessed it, even at college graduations that have air horns. It was amazing how many people had air horns to blow when their family member walked across. It wasn’t like this was a huge gym, either, it was a smaller size gym with little children, and they still blew the heck out of those stupid and obnoxious air horns.

Lastly, (and this was fairly interesting) this graduation in particular didn’t have a commencement speaker. When it came time for a speaker to come up, the Dean of the college introduced a percussion group led by the professor and they performed a traditional Native American drum dance, which consisted of about three different songs. Once they were done, they left, and they carried on with the graduation. This was the first graduation I’ve ever been to where they didn’t have a commencement speaker and I was quite intrigued.

Even though it was loud and people were mean, I was there for Justin, so it’s okay. Nothing was going to stop me and my family from seeing him walk across the stage. I’m proud of him for graduating with honors and I can’t wait for my graduation next year.