Trevin Kalick, Sports Editor

One thing that I am very good at is sitting down and binge watching TV shows on Netflix. I have watched so many shows and movies on Netflix but none of them rival my favorite, “How I Met Your Mother.” I’m sure you have heard of this show before; maybe someone you know recommended you watch it, you have seen it while scrolling on Netflix or regular TV, or you might’ve watched it. I have seen every single episode around 8 times. I can watch it, quote it while I watch it, and never get tired of it. “How I Met Your Mother” or HIMYM is considered a sitcom and it has lots of great shows that rival it. There is “Friends,” Seinfeld,” “Full House,” and many others. I have seen every episode of “Friends” and “Full House,” but I believe HIMYM is the best sitcom of all time.

If you have never seen the show, I highly recommend you watch it because it is so much more than your average sitcom. HIMYM started in 2005 and was supposed to be a filler show since “Friends” had just ended after ten years on air. This filler show gained lots of traction and soon became one of the most popular shows on TV. With a great cast with actors like Jason Segel, Neil Patrick Harris, Josh Radnor, Alyson Hannigan, and Cobie Smulders. The show follows Josh Radnor’s character, Ted Mosby, as he tell his kids stories from his 20s and 30s and leads to him eventually meeting his wife and his kids mother. HIMYM goes from funny moments to absolute heart felt speeches that will make you rethink your life.

Like I said, I have seen every episode at least eight times and I’m positive I’ll watch it plenty more times. If you want to be turned into a hopeless romantic while laughing your head off, you definitely need to get on Netflix and start watching HIMYM.