Bethany Hall, Staff Writer

I have never been a fan of baby showers. Ever since I was old enough for my mom to drag me to baby showers for her friends from work, I have never found them appealing. I don’t know why I have never liked them, I have always blamed it on how I grew up as a tomboy and baby showers were too girly and delicate for me.

However, my mom found out she was pregnant recently, and I helped plan and set up her baby shower, which we had yesterday, and I had a blast. It was a camping theme, (which I have established I LOVE), and more importantly, my mom loved it. We had s’mores cupcakes, teddy grahams (bears), pretzel sticks (twigs), pond water (green fruit punch), and trail mix. My mom got so many adorable boy clothes for my baby brother and I loved helping give her presents and seeing how happy she was when she opened them.

Maybe I liked this baby shower so much because it was my mom and the baby we were spoiling was my baby brother that will be here soon. Maybe I liked it because I was prideful in my setting up and planning skills and it made me really happy to see so many people enjoying it. Maybe I’m just growing up and my tomboy phase is over. Whatever it is, I loved being a part of my mom’s first baby shower for her first baby boy, and I can’t wait for the other ones that are coming up soon.